Do you love visiting unusual places? They are often the places that have earned their spot in California history simply because the owner is trying to do something new. Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the unique stuff to visit in Southern California (from Kern County down). It will be an ever-expanding and growing list that will hopefully help you to find many fun attractions right outside your door.

Sunny Jim’s Cave- Located directly in La Jolla, Sunny Jim’s Cave is a fun old historic sea cave that you can walk down to and explore.

Snorkeling with Leopard Sharks- During the month of August, the Leopard sharks traditionally come to give birth in the cove of La Jolla. They are docile creatures and you can actually grab some snorkel gear and go out and see them. It is a very unique experience.

San Diego Statues -Fun statures right next to the USS Midway in San Diego, the highlight being the 30 foot tall Unconditional Surrender statue.

Crazee Burger- Ever wanted to eat alligator, kangaroo or antelope? You can do that here.

Potato Chip Rock- Hike to the top of this mountain and see the famous rock with its potato chip wing that you can stand on.

Slot Canyon A deep- Slot canyon in the heart of Anza Borrego that allows you access to a hike normally only possible in places like Arizona and Utah.

Creation and Earth History Museum- To learn all about the creation of the Earth from the traditional Biblical perspective then a visit to this museum is in order. It is pretty far outside of San Diego but you can see the Giant Lemon on the way!

International Banana Museum- Yep, it is exactly what it say, a small one room museum overrun with thousands of banana related items. Make sure to get a banana shake while you are there!

Center of the World- Who knew the “Official” Center of the World was in Southern California! This fun roadside stop has everything from a church on the hill to an original staircase from the Eiffel Tower. It is worth the stop.

Have fun exploring!